The Old West Adventures of Ornery and Slim
The Partnership

This historically based fictional novel tells on a pair of working cowmen and their exploits in the American old west. This story chronicles a veteran cowhand, Patrick O’Connor, (Ornery) and his tenderfoot saddle partner, Francis Slimmery, (Slim), and how they made their way west to come into the steady employment of the ranch known as the, “O U T (Oh-Ewe-Tee) Spread”.


The Old West Adventures of Ornery and Slim
Back in the Saddle Again

Montana Kid Hammer continues his distinct brand of American old fashion storytelling tradition with, Back in the Saddle Again, the second novel in The Old West Adventures of Ornery and Slim cowman series. Ornery, a schoolteacher and Civil War survivor turned veteran cowhand, and Slim, a young Philadelphia orphan now a part learned cowman continue to ride for the brand simply known as the O U T (Oh-Ewe-Tee) Spread.

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The Old West Adventures of Ornery and Slim
The Trail Never Ends

Montana Kid Hammer’s third novel, The Trail Never Ends, rides Ornery & Slim into more high adventure, where they find the company of, or refer to such famous personages as Wyatt Earp, Teddy “Blue” Abbott, Crazy Horse, & Teddy Roosevelt, while encountering rustlers, prairie lighting, sheep wars, cantankerous US Army personnel, & wonderful womanly wiles that challenge both soul & gun hand, & rekindle fond recollections of frontier evenings around the campfires of those wild & wooly days of America’s western yesteryears.

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